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We bring music to motion

At IKONS Music Publishing we pride ourselves on our proactive dedication to seek the best opportunities to pitch and license our catalogue to. 

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and ensure the partnerships we create are ones where our clients can trust we will always make sure each project is treated with full commitment, communication and passion to create an amazing finished product. We understand sync, and want to help you make your vision a reality no matter the budget, time constraint or other hurdle you might face.

Licensing Alternatives

Synchronization license

Our primary license option is commonly known as a synchronization license, often referred to as a "sync" license. This license is available for individuals or entities seeking to incorporate our music into various visual mediums such as movies, movie trailers, video games, or TV commercials. Essentially, it permits the use of our music alongside any form of visual media output.

Mechanical license

Alongside the synchronization license, we also provide mechanical licenses. The key distinction between a synchronization license and a mechanical license lies in their respective applications: while the former pertains to music synced with visual content (such as in radio advertising or podcasts), the latter focuses on licensing music for audio recordings.


Custom production
In addition to the licensing options for music in our existing catalog, we extend the opportunity for you to submit a production request tailored to your preferences. We collaborate with several in-house producers capable of crafting bespoke music specifically for your production needs.


Reach out to our synchronization department with your requirements, and we'll promptly respond with potential solutions tailored to your needs!

Rogue x Kia drive to destiny

A collab between the e-sport team Rogue and Kia.

Handlar du på Mathem

A custom written song for a swedish food brand "Mathem". The song has been user for over 20 commercials in Sweden.

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